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This adjustable Tan-Sad black frame machinist chair has lived a long and hard-working life in a machinist's workshop and as you would expect, signs of this life are still visible on the frame. The old seat was damaged beyond repair so we have replaced the old leather with a fresh hand-carved piece of elm. The light grain of the wood contrasts beautifully with the strong black frame.


Materials: Painted metal and hand-carved elm


Estimated age: Mid-late 20th century


L:29” W:19” D:19” Approx

Weight: 8kg


Condition: Slight bend to one of the legs but does not affect the stability of the frame.


Restoration: Original seat was damaged so we have hand-carved a new seat from a solid piece of elm.

Tan-Sad Black Frame Machinist Stool

SKU: BI024

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